Does My Beard Make Me Look Skinny?

Well, it's that time of year and we are changing over to our summer menu. Lots of fresh, new flavors, some old favorites and some different proteins. We will, as always, let the farms dictate what is on the menu. Stay tuned for the next few weeks to see what else is new. In the mean time, however, time to talk about knocking down those goals by sticking to your plan.I think the biggest problem I see with peoples' attempt at Paleo is their lack of commitment or expectation for their lives to completely change in just a few weeks. Sure, 30 day challenges are useful, and will certainly open peoples eyes to the benefits of Paleo. They don't, however, constitute any real, total lifestyle change. That takes time. I'll use myself as an example.Over a year ago I weighed 215 pounds, couldn't do a pull up, took over 11 minutes to run a mile, and generally finished last in every single workout - even with a serious amount of scaling.  I was working out a few times a week and only saw slight improvements. I only lost 10 pounds and really wasn't getting that much stronger or better in the gym. So I decided to really commit. Six months ago I cut out drinking for good, started eating much stricter and as a consequence made it to the gym much more often. I lived the life of a bartender and chef for ten years. Fixing that was going to take more than a 30 day challenge. My goal was to get down to about 180-185 pounds and be able to do most of my CrossFit workouts without scaling. These were lofty goals, but I was committed. Well, holy crap! I got on the scale last week and I weigh 175. Forty pounds! I lost 40 pounds in a year with 30 of it in the past six months. And I have made HUGE gains in the gym. I'm no Regionals athlete but I am doing a lot of workouts as prescribed and I did a workout yesterday that really felt like a rite of passage. The workout was called "The Sevens". It's a Hero WOD; for those of you that have done it, you understand. For those that haven't, google it, it's awful. But I finished it, 135 pound thrusters and all. I even entered my first competition for August 3rd! None of those things would have been possible without dedication and would have been impossible to accomplish in just 30 days. So please don't get discouraged if you don't see all the results you want in just a few weeks. You are merely at the end of your onramp to a highway of health. (That couldn't be more cheesy, I'm aware, but true.)

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