Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is almost here, and over the past year many of us have spent extra time together at home, as a family, making it work and keeping each other sane. Now is the time to celebrate the dads and men in your life and show them how much you love them.

This one’s for the new dads, the experienced dads, the grandpas – something for everyone!

From fun to practical we have you covered with some gift ideas (all with a Paleo lifestyle in mind)!

The Kitchen & The Grill

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and there is a little truth to the trope. We decided to begin with a few options to tickle his hunter-gatherer taste buds, and have him thanking you with, hopefully, a delicious meal you can enjoy as well.

Pete’s Paleo Bacon

Give the gift of love – bacon! Bacon is always a crowd pleaser and Pete’s Paleo bacon is the best. Made with no added sugar, nitrates or nitrites, just belly, spices, salt and love. It is guaranteed to be the meatiest, most supple, melt-in-your-mouth bacon you’ll ever have. 

Pete’s Paleo Meals

While eating is almost always fun, some dads may be in charge on the cooking some (or all) days.

Give dad some extra time (and foodie points for serving a delicious meal). He can avoid spending a couple hours on shopping, prepping, cooking and CLEANING! Pete’s Paleo Meals are chef inspired, expertly prepared and delivered right to your door, no apron required. Simply reheat and serve.

The menu changes seasonally and on a weekly basis and is dependent on what our farmers grow and harvest out of the ground that very week it is prepared. This means our meals are sustainable and more nutritious for you. 

Check out all of our weekly menus here>>>>>>.

Pete’s Paleo Gift Card

Shopping for some Pete’s Paleo for the father(s) in your life but not sure what to give them? Give the gift of food and time with a Pete's Paleo gift card! Allow her to decide and order what she loves to eat or cook with and enjoy chef quality, Paleo meals prepared for her, delivered to her door. No apron required.

Paleo By Season – Chef Pete Servold

For the dad who needs a little extra guidance in the kitchen department - a chef’s approach to healthy Paleo cuisine by teaching home cooks the essential techniques for cooking any food. This will teach the budding cook in your life to focus not on recipes but on using the best fresh, local ingredients. With dozens of techniques, over 100 Paleo recipes, and a showcase of small farmers and ranchers cross the country who are providing sustainably raised meats and organically grown fruits and vegetables, Paleo By Season offers the man in your life the tools he needs to think like a chef.

Dry Farm Wines

Research consistently shows that moderate wine consumption (one to two glasses a day) has huge health benefits. Wine is also a beloved, delicious and fun way to bring people together and bond at a deep level.

Most commercial wines are NOT Paleo. It turns out all the unwanted side effects from wine - headaches, hangovers, gastrointestinal discomfort, poor sleep – are not caused by the wine itself but by the processing and additives used in modern winemaking.

Fortunately, there’s a healthier way. If you drink natural wines (made the primal way), they’re a much healthier, cleaner product, and a healthy part of the Paleo lifestyle.

Dry Farm Wines curates primal, sugar-free, low alcohol, low sulfite wines so you get these benefits without the downsides. They make a great gift (and can be shared!!!). You can choose your favorites and sign your man up for monthly subscriptions.

Grill Smoker Box

A stainless-steel grill smoking box is a fantastic BBQ gadget that will make it easy for him to grill up some of his favorite Paleo foods. This smoking box is the perfect gift for a man who would love to try smoking his own meats but doesn't want a separate smoker. The box holes no along the bottom panel allowing the wood chips to smolder (instead of burn up). This will allow him to get better flavor in his smoked dishes and further mileage from his wood chips.

Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Set

For the dad who loves his barbecue, give him the ultimate set of grilling accessories. The full kit is made from professional-grade stainless steel and includes a spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush, grill brush, salt and pepper shakers, 8 corn holders, and 4 skewers. Packaged up in a sleek and portable carrying case, this set is sure to become his go-to BBQ toolkit for camping, cottaging, and everyday backyard cookouts.

Copper River Knife

Not only is this eye-catching knife made from recycled steel, it’s hand-forged and inspired by the Ulu, a traditional Inuit knife that serves a multitude of purposes. Reviews of this product say it’s great for cutting herbs and vegetables — staples for any Paleo Diet.

Philips Air Fryer XXL

If your dad loves to snack on chips, fries and other traditionally deep-fried foods that are avoided on his Paleo Diet, this is the kitchen gadget for him. He'll be able to whip up healthier versions of his favorite snacks and meals and cook everything from chicken wings to dessert and the large size is perfect for making enough for everyone!

There are also a handful of useful air fryer accessories that will help him get even more mileage out of his new kitchen gadget.

Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit

Spice things up and put his taste buds to the test with a gourmet hot sauce kit that lets him mix up his own concoctions! The instructions also walk him through the bottling and labeling process so he’ll be able to make his own fresh hot sauce in five to 10 minutes flat.

Personal Care

These gifts ensure that you'll be giving the closest shave, neatly groomed beard, or simply healthy skin---without the harmful ingredients in conventional products. Because the man in your life deserves to indulge in a little pampering too!

Shave Set

For men who prefer a clean shave, get him a classic shaving brush set to help him perfect the art of shaving. He'll get a smoother shaving experience with a traditional wet shave brush made from pure badger hair. And the rave reviews speak for themselves.

Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer

Time for a long leisurely shave flies out the door when schedules become full. If speed is of the essence, give the dad you love this cordless facial hair trimmer.

Clean Grooming

Safer skin care is as important for men as it is for women. Counterman, a line of cleaner, results-driven skin care is specifically formulated to address the unique needs of men’s skin and facial hair. This all-in-one collection will give the man in your life all the essentials he needs to clean up perfectly. The best part? It’s all function, no fuss.

Tech Gifts & Gadgets

These gifts are perfect for the tech-obsessed, gadget-loving man who loves to have the latest and greatest electronics at his fingertips.

Echo Studio - High-Fidelity Smart Speaker

Smart home meet Echo Studio. This is a great gift choice whether he's already building the smart home of his dreams or just getting started. The Echo Plus offers premium sound and a built-in smart home hub that's quick and easy to set up. With this high-fidelity smart speaker, he'll be able to control your smart lights, speakers, and sensors - all from the sound of his voice! Synchs perfectly with multiple platforms and other Echo devices

Kindle Fire Tablet

The Fire HD 10 Tablet is the right choice for the man who loves having his music, movies, TV shows, books and apps at his fingertips. The 10" screen is perfect for widescreen viewing no matter the medium. The Kindle Fire gives access to streaming and media tools like Netflix, HBO, Spotify, and even Kindle eBooks along with plenty of Android apps and games!

The Kindle Fire can be instantly connected with other nearby Echo-enabled devices (including the Echo Spot and Echo Plus), and the built-in microphone offers access to the Alexa hands-free mode.

Audible Membership

This is a fantastic gift for a man who loves to read just as much as he loves his tech gadgets. This membership works perfectly with either the Echo or Fire Tablet. But it also works just as well with other Apple, Android, or Alexa-enabled devices. Now the man in your life can take his entire library with him wherever he goes!

With this membership  he will receive 3 titles with each month of membership. Exchanges are easy if he ends up with a book he doesn't like. Simply swap it for a different title! This is the easiest and most convenient tool for listening to audiobooks.

Fun & Memories

Custom Family Portrait

Getting the whole family together for a group portrait is basically impossible with everyone's busy schedules. Surprise your father with this unique gift of a custom drawing of all your family members (even pets). Have it drawn on canvas or save some money with a digital file to print at home. Either way, you can be guaranteed will love it. 

Have fun shopping and always keep in mind that whether you give the special man in your life a little more or not, what’s most important is to remind him how much he means to you, each and every day.

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