Beyond Resolutions: Your Year Of Transformation

I'm proud to say we've helped 50,000+ people just like you transform their mind and body.

But my story didn't start so pretty. Learn a little about how my transformation unfolded and what I mean by "PICK YOUR HARD":

Ready For Your Own Transformation?

Step 1

Sign up for 12 weeks of free resources & guided meditations 👇

Step 2

Purchase the 12 week meal program

(billed weekly)

A healthier mind & body is only 12 weeks away

How we plan to help your transformation last 👇🏼

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Exclusive 12 week menu for detox, rebuilding, and maintenance (expand to see details)

Our resident nutritionist developed this plan to start you with a detox and soup fast, move you through rebuilding your diet and then on to a complete maintenance program.

Week 1 (broth fast)

Week 1 (no fast)

Weeks 2 - 4

Weeks 5 - 8

Weeks 9 - 12

Goal setting workbook from our nutritionist

Developed by our nutritionist to guide your journey

Weekly check-ins from Pete

You'll receive weekly emails from Pete with personal video content.

Guided meditations with Dr. Ayesha

We can't speak highly enough of Dr Ayesha! Through working with Dr Ayesha, you will learn how to cultivate a daily meditation practice that will enhance your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being!

"Our thoughts are often the root cause of our personal suffering. They not only affect our mental and physical health, but also impact the level of happiness or peace we are able to experience. Most of us, regardless of our intellect or education, are never taught how to manage or control our thoughts. Through mindfulness we can learn to observe our thoughts, feel our emotions with non-judgement and intelligently respond, rather than impulsively react to life."

Learn more about Dr. Ayesha!

Tips to truly make your transformation stick (diet, exercise, mental health & self-care)

Pete will share resources and links related to each topic in your weekly emails.

How Pete's Real Food has helped others:

Ready to start your own transformation?

Step 1

Sign up for 12 weeks of free resources & guided meditations 👇

Step 2

Purchase the 12 week meal program

(billed weekly)

What will change in your daily life?

  • Your food will be completely handled for you for 12 weeks
  • You'll have more free time
  • You'll prioritize self care
  • Your motivation to be active will increase
  • You'll have a clear understanding of how to optimize your body and mind

Your 12 Week Subscription Program:

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