apparently we're the worst

APPARENTLY everyone who has lost weight, improved their cholesterol, Vitamin D levels, got their diabetes under control, cured their PCOS, gone off medicine and improved their performance in the gym must all be LIARS. either that or it's a complete fluke. at least according to US News & World Report in their 2012 best diets evaluation.

APPARENTLY according to their "distinguished experts" eating Paleo ranks at or near the bottom for every single category, from weight loss to heart health. APPARENTLY even Jenny Craig, Slim Fast and Nutrisystem [read: the ultimate in fake and processed foods - you don't even have to refrigerate Nutrisysem - it's NOT food] rate higher than Paleo in the nutrition and weight loss categories. I honestly have no words. Can someone fill in for me here?

APPARENTLY there is "no way to tell" if eating Paleo is good for weight loss, it's "unknown" to have benefits on cardiovascular health, it is "unknown" to prevent or cure diabetes and there are "possible" health risks because "By shunning dairy and grains, you’re at risk of missing out on a lot of nutrients. Also, if you’re not careful about making lean meat choices, you’ll quickly ratchet up your risk for heart problems." WTF. These distinguished experts need to get their heads out of the USDA and big Pharma's asses. If this article gets any of you as wound up as me, please go and comment on their article at the bottom. This can't go unacknowledged.

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