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i don't know why this never dawned on me before, but all i can think of now is DUH!!!! i care so much about the quality of the food i consume, but rarely paid attention to the quality of the products i used on my skin and hair. our skin is our largest organ and it protects our body from all things harmful. however, if we betray it and put chemicals on it, in the form of our health & beauty products, well you better believe it'll do its job and absorb that shit right up. so here i am eating properly, no corn fed cows for me, yet i'm pushing chemicals right on into my body. DUH. Liz, of Cave Girl Eats, has a new e-book out called the Skintervention Guide - Purely Paleo Skincare. And I'm fully obsessed now. i HIGHLY recommend that you all purchase this guide. one of the things i love about it, is that she explains everything in 3 levels - DIY, DIY with a twist, and let me just buy the fancy (but good for you) product! i have crazy curly hair and can never find a product good enough to tame my frizz or help condition my hair and i've recently switched over to the no poo method of cleansing with baking soda and conditioning with apple cider vinegar and i couldn't be happier. sounds hippy. maybe it is. but it works.

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