Fort Mojave Visit

 ​This past week we were given an amazing opportunity and went to the Fort Mojave Indian tribe in Needles, CA. It sits on and in between the borders of NV, CA and AZ. The tribe was the FIRST Native American reservation to become a CrossFit affiliate. They are taking strides to make themselves a healthier community within the schools and the Boys & Girls clubs, but nutrition is the most important thing to address. Enter Pete's Paleo (courtesy of CrossFit Kids). We are currently drawing up a plan to be implemented throughout the community to improve access to produce, and better proteins. ​ This is a change that is not going to happen overnight, it is going to be a lot of work. But I have adopted a saying recently and it fits perfect here, "Dead F'ng Last is better than Did Not Finish, which is unbelievably better than Did Not Start." We have started. We will keep you posted on the progress, we are starting with a pilot program in the high school and will be looking to make a similar impact a little closer to home with the upcoming Empower Charter School in San Diego. ​ ​These are the type of opportunities that really make us proud. Thanks so much to Mikki and Jeff and the whole CrossFit Kids team for thinking of us and letting us be involved.

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