Second Follow-Up to PaleoFX

So it's hard to say all the great things that happened in the short few days that comprised PaleoFX13. I will say that my favorite moment is probably split between two awesome moments. First was the cooking demo. It was a blast to cook my Paleo Pho in front of all those people. George and Julie of Civilized Caveman and PaleOMG respectively did a fun cooking demo of their chocolate mousse with bananas and bacon, mmm. It was a packed house and it was cool to get a shoutout from George about how good our bacon was. Then came my time to shine. It was mildly nerve-wracking, to say the least. The microphone barely fit into my unbelievably small ears, so I thought it was going to fall out the whole time. The lights were so bright as to give me the faint aroma of toast, and then I began. Looking out into the crowd I realized almost all the cookbook authors were there watching me. Oh crap. Yeah, and I was making a PHO and Michelle of was watching. Better not screw it up. Then came Q&A time and it was the authors asking me questions. Anyway, a pretty awesome experience. The food looked great, and I got my favorite pic of the conference with Sarah. Which brings me to next favorite moment, easily topping the former in hindsight. That moment was Sarah's launch of REAL, her skincare line. In her continuous effort to practice what we preach, she had started making her own lotion and hair products at home. The lotion was pretty awesome, made with grass-fed tallow Kassandrinos olive oil. That stuff is amazing. Direct from one farm in Greece, it's the olive oil equivalent to a single vineyard wine. Distinct, flavorful and very useful for lotion, it turns out. Sarah added her special blend of essential oils for aroma and depth. Getting to the point, it's a great, great product and a very proud moment for me. Pete's Paleo wouldn't exist without Sarah. She does so much work to make the business happen, and to see her step to the front with her own product was truly amazing. All in all a great week, with tons of information learned. Overall, it just got me revved up to share this thing called paleo. To say we haven't scratched the surface would be putting it very, very mildly. The convention was but 1,000 people in a nation of 300,000,000 on a planet with 7,000,000,000 people. So let's get started.

- Pete

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