Spreading the Word & Getting Ahead of the Curve

Fort Mojave Tribe High School getting after a workout during their P.E. class.

I've been able to share a lot of the things I learned at PaleoFX, but one of the ones that scared the crap out of me is that 1 in 2 people born by 2050 will develop diabetes. And that's on the low end of the scale. (Robb Wolf) That's insane. We're talking about a self inflicted epidemic.Fortunately we in the Paleo and CrossFit world are doing a lot of things to spread the word about nutrition and get ahead of the curve on what's coming down the pike. One great example is Empower Charter School here in San Diego. They will be opening up next year and on top of providing top notch education, there is a large emphasis placed on nutrition and exercise. The parents even have to sign a contract obligating them to ensure the kids are getting proper nutrition and exercise. Please check out their video, featuring CF Elysium co owner Alessandra Wall. She's a pretty big deal.

It turns out a child's nutrition has A LOT to do with how well their brain functions and its ability to process information. This is an imperative issue to get ahead of. Pete's Paleo is very proud to be helping with incorporating food into the curriculum at Empower as well as making some of the lunches for the kids! Also with the help of CrossFitKids.com, Pete's Paleo has been able to help develop some nutrition programs for the Mojave Tribe in Needles, CA and we are really excited to be going to the Seminole Nation at the end of April. We will be making the same presentation about Paleo nutrition to the Seminole tribe in Florida along with the results from our efforts with Fort Mojave. Nothing could make me more proud than spreading the word about Paleo and it's benefits to everybody involved. We will keep you posted about all these projects and how you can help if you feel so inclined. In the meantime, check out the video for Empower Charter School! Here is this weeks menu, click here to get food this week! 1.    Braised Open Spaces Brisket with roasted butternut squash and greens 2.    Duck coconut curry stir fry with bell peppers and bok choy 3.    Grilled Open Spaces steak with spring squash and broccoli 4.    Persian spiced pork cheeks with roast beets and roast asparagus 5.    Roasted garlic lamb, sautéed spinach and roasted cauliflower 6.    Roasted turkey with Tunisian spices, sweet potatoes and kale 7.    Open Spaces Burger with roast carrots and broccoli 8.    Roasted Jidori Chicken thigh, roasted sweet potatoes and swiss chard 9.    Georgia smoked and pulled pork, collards with rutabaga smash 10. Jidori Chicken Breast stir fry with broccoli, carrots and snap peas   Snacks: Sarah’s Brownies Paleo Treats Paleo Granola Duck Jerky   Thanks, Chef Pete

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