"History" of Heart Disease

 There was a pretty stellar article last week that we posted to our Facebook page and I really, really loved this article. Heart disease kills more people than any other disease in the country. And it turns out, most of the information on what cause it is, well, BS. The foundation that puts all those healthy heart symbols on the boxes of Cheerios and Subway menus is completely funded by those same companies. It has been since its inception in the early 20th century. Ancel Keys thought there was an association between the low fat diet of most mediterraneans and Japanese and their lower rate of hear disease. He took data from 22 countries and only published the data from 6 countries. Why? Because all the countries not included, especially those Frenchies, had very high fat diets and low rates of heart disease. Keys' work was taken as gospel and turned into the government recommendations for our diet. Poor President Eisenhower had a heart attack right around when this new low fat, no cholesterol mantra was being trucked out. He was allowed one egg a week, drank Sanka and had to eat a pretty miserable diet. Result? Consistently higher cholesterol levels, even more heart attacks and he eventually died from heart disease. Even the POTUS isn't safe from this BS. But we know better. Eat good fats, be healthy, enjoy your pastured eggs. Yolk is nature's best sauce by far! Click here to read the full article. It takes some time to read the whole thing but I promise it will make you feel awesome about eating paleo. Plus, it will give you some great comeback lines for all the doubters in your life! ;)

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