Gather - The Art of Paleo Entertaining

I think the hardest part of living the Paleo life is hanging out with friends and family who don't eat Paleo. It's your lifestyle - so it's understandable you'd want to spread the good word. By eating clean, we've changed our lives, lost weight, slept well, stemmed illnesses, have skin that glows -- why wouldn't you want that for your loved ones? There is, however, the inevitable "diet" stigma that goes along with explaining it. I believe "Gather - The Art of Paleo Entertaining", written by our friends over at The Food Lover's Kitchen, has avoided this entirely. This awesome book focuses on making delicious, seasonal food with love for your friends and family. You learn how to plan ahead by getting your shopping list together and the best order in which to tackle that prep list. The end result is a book that does a fabulous job of walking you through planning and executing wonderful affairs that just happen to be very, very healthy on top of being very, very delicious. As Bill and Hayley say themselves in the book's beginning, "it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle". One that with Gather, will now include some top notch Paleo entertaining.

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