The Famous Pete's Bacon

 Before I even begin, to those of you who have not yet experienced what some call the true enlightenment, you must go here and purchase a pound of Pete's Paleo Bacon. Ok, so Pete and I are starting to feel that the bacon angle is becoming slightly overplayed, but that doesn't change the fact that we saw a real need for naturally delicious bacon. No sugar, no nitrates, no nitrites, just belly, spices, salt and love. Some of you just have such a natural affinity towards the heavenly pig, that you already know how to prepare our bacon. For those of you who are still recovering from the grocery store's pre sliced and disappointing bacon, look no further for how to prepare the best of the cured meats:

Pete's Paleo Bacon all packaged up

What are you waiting for?! Rip open the vacuum sealed bag and begin to slice the bacon along either side. Lengthwise for traditional bacon or width-wise for snack sized bites!

You're on your way to changing your life forever.

We always get asked how thick Pete's Paleo Bacon should be sliced. The answer is however damn thick or thin you prefer. That's the best part of serving it in a slab!

Thinly sliced Pete's Paleo Bacon.

You're now ready to cook it up. You can certainly roast it in the oven, but I prefer to fry it up in the pan (cast iron is our favorite option).

Remember to start with a cold pan!

I tend to cook the bacon on a medium flame and wait for the magic to happen.

 Don't forget to pour your bacon fat, once it's rendered out, into a glass jar to save and cook with in the future (use thick glass to avoid cracking under heat).

 How do you cook your Pete's Paleo Bacon?

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