Ready For the Big Time?

 Whoa, if I didn't know better, I would say that I saw the "Paleo Diet Craze" featured on the Dr. Oz show recently and that a front page article about how Paleo is here to stay was in Outside magazine. It just couldn't be - is our little off shoot going mainstream!? It would seem so. Seems like just yesterday Daniel Tosh was making a reference to that "crazy Paleo diet" in one of his monologues in 2010. My parents were sure that Sarah and I had lost our minds (see their blog post tomorrow, good stuff) and that one of my friends from culinary school was the only other person I knew who had a heard about this new "diet". Check her out at @paleokatybird on instagram. She makes frequent trips to local farms and ranches near her place in the Danville, VA (Sarah's Momma's home town). The other thing that all this exposure means is lots of uninformed people with steadfast formed opinions. Sarah ran into quite a few this week who unprompted regaled her with how their bodies could handle gluten fine, but it was 10 other things like almonds and kale their body couldn't handle. Needless to say, her attempt to explain leaky gut and how it causes food allergies was lost on this crowd. As it will be with most situations like this. My point is that all this new exposure is going to lead to many opportunities to spread the word - but tread softly. Don't over proselytize, share your stories of weight loss, mental clarity, better sleep, consistent energy, but don't preach or oversell. A fine line I admit. I personally believe that feeling confident about your shape and mental state speak for themselves. And you will get a near 100% conversion rate when people come to you for help as opposed to trying to take it to them. Be excited about all the growth in the Paleo movement but don't rush to a mount and start your sermons anytime soon. You don't have to sell the truth. Here's this weeks menu, click here to buy food for this week! 1.   Au poivre skirt steak with rainbow chard and butternut squash. 2.   Duck tenders sautéed with roasted cauliflower and kale 3.   Ethiopian lamb with lacinato kale and roasted mushrooms. 4.   Elk chili with heirloom tomatoes and suzie’s squash. 5.   Garlic brisket with butternut squash and broccoli/carrot mix. 6.   Mongolian style chicken with turnip greens and peppers and cabbage. 7.   Cajun roasted duck breast with roasted baby carrots and braised cabbage. 8.   Pork vindaloo with sautéed spinach and broccolini. 9.    Roasted chicken braised celery and 5-spice sweet potatoes. 10.  Curry turkey with braised mushrooms and red beets and greens.   Snacks: -Paleo Granola - Grass Fed Beef Jerky - Sarah’s Brownies -Paleo Treats

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