It's Never Too Late by Momma Servold

 It's Never Too Late by Momma Servold Pete and I have been living the paleo lifestyle for 4 months now.  We never thought we would tackle this challenge but with some very gentle nudging from our son Peter, we finally took the plunge and have not looked back. I think it took so long to commit because I didn't think you could live without cheese, pasta, a cold beer on a hot day and the occasional ice cream. The main driver was wanting to make our son proud of his parents....I mean more than he already is. :) The  journey began on December 30th 2012.  Hard to believe we started this right before New Years but we did. The first week, by far, was the toughest.  We really didn't know what to expect, how to shop for food, how to plan our weekly meals, how I was going to get by without cream in my coffee. etc.  So it was a very long week of wondering what the hell we got ourselves into.  What kept us going was thinking of how hard our son and daughter in law were working to make people see how important it is to take care of the body you have with feeding it the best fuel you can. After the first week, it got easier to shop, plan and eat the right meals.  We also started to incorporate CrossFit into our daily routine.  We tried the full workout of CrossFit (at least I thought it was a full workout) when we were in San Diego for Christmas.  After almost passing out, I decided maybe I need to start adding some CrossFit a little at a time.  We walk an average of 15 miles a week and have been for about 2 years now, do sit ups, pushups, squats, etc.  Adding jump rope sometimes and light weights, etc.  We both lost a few pounds the first week and by the third week, Pete had lost 15 pounds and I had lost 10.  By the end of the 30 day challenge, Pete lost 20 pounds and I lost 15!  After 4 months we have kept off the weight and continue to exercise regularly.  More important, we feel better than we have in over 20 years and truly enjoy the paleo lifestyle.  Pete actually got below 200 for the first time in 20 years…woohoo. Currently, we probably follow the 80/20 rule.  80% paleo and 20% non-paleo.  We got so used to eating paleo that we don’t really even think of having non-paleo but we will splurge from time to time.  We aren’t looking to lose any more weight and now are focusing on toning the body we have and continue to feed it the fuel it operates best on.  Just a note, Pete is 56 and I am 52, so it is never too late to start treating your body right. Thank you Peter for not giving up on us and believing that we could do it. We love you and very proud of all the work you and Sarah have done to make people realize you only have one body….in this life…so treat it like it deserves to be treated.

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