Why you should love Kasandrinos Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (KEVOO)

Why you should love Kasandrinos Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (KEVOO) Chef Pete Servold - I’ve always been partial to Greek olive oil. I find it’s fruitiness quite pleasant, and it always allows the foods flavors to come through without overpowering it. Kasandrinos Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (KEVOO) might just be the best olive oil I’ve ever had! And trust me - I’ve tasted and used hundreds. If poured into a glass, the color is the first thing you'll notice, with it's bright golden yellow hue with a hint of grass green and stunning clarity. The aroma jumps out at you. Lots of fruit and floral aromas, predominantly goose berry, apricot, lily and even bits of peach with a finish of lemongrass. The mouth feel and taste is clean and distinct, with visions of the fresh green olives being pressed as it hits your tongue. There is a slight nuttiness akin to a macadamia nut, but not overly so as with some Spanish varieties. You taste the olives and where they are from. Absolutely perfect as a finishing oil, and ideal for very fresh veggies in a super quick sauté - this is for sure the only olive oil we use at home. Here’s a simple dressing recipe using KEVOO: ¾ cup KEVOO ¼ cup balsamic vinegar 1 T chopped shallot ½ T minced garlic ½ T Dijon mustard Salt and Pepper to taste, roughly 1 t each So two rules you must never forget when making vinaigrettes: 1. 3 to 1 fat to acid ratio. Any fat, any acid. Olive oil, champagne vinegar, lime juice whatever. The ratio never changes. 2. Salt can’t dissolve in fat so you want to mix it in with your vinegar when you start the dressing. Ok, now go play. Using a small mixing bowl, add in vinegar, salt and pepper and mustard. Whisk together until salt dissolves, then add shallots and garlic. Now, slowly drizzle in olive oil while whisking. Let stand for at least 30 minutes before serving, giving it a good whisk before, keeps for 30 days in fridge. (So you know, make a big batch and have it on hand)

 Sarah Servold, owner of real. Skincare Products - Outside of the numerous culinary possibilities for this extraordinary olive oil, I’m also partial to its extensive beauty and skincare uses. From simple face scrubs (2:1 baking soda and KEVOO) to nourishing moisturizers (like real.’s face & body balm), I use KEVOO as the base for almost all of real.’s Skincare Products. At real. we focus on the highest quality ingredients to feed our skin and that naturally means the inclusion of KEVOO. 

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