30 Days into Curt's 90 Day Challenge - An Update

30 Days into Curt's 90 Day Challenge - An Update Wow!!! As the old adage goes, time flies when you are having fun. I can hardly believe it has already been 30 days since I began my 90-day Crossfit/Paleo adventure. As mentioned in my last entry, it has not been without its “challenges”, but I am happy to report that the challenges are fewer and farther between. A couple of the difficulties I am experiencing on the Paleo side is my sweet tooth (still) and low-energy. On the sweet tooth side, I have not given in to it! I am staying mentally strong and keeping my personal integrity intact (this is not easy when SoCal has been experiencing what I call ice cream weather). I know the cravings will subside eventually, but more than that, I know that sugary treat won’t be as satisfying on my taste buds as it is in my mind, and that allows me to stay strong and move forward. The bigger challenge has been dealing with my low-energy level. I have had to learn how to eat again, i.e., what and when to eat in order to stay fueled for the WODs and my runs. Since, I am no longer consuming grains/pastas/rice and relying on those carbs to provide fuel I have had to utilize more starchy vegetables and higher fat meats to provide energy. Believe me this was not an easy thing to wrap my head around. I have always been keen on only eating very lean meats. However, I was not burning the amount of calories daily that I am now, and I know that my body uses the fat as energy (versus storing it) instead of the carbs from the pastas and rices. I also take in fat in the form of almond butter and some potassium about 1.5 hours prior to my workout for extra energy. This system seems to be working well for me at this time. I’m sure there will be more on this over the next couple of months. My Crossfit training is starting to show…not only in my workouts but physically as well. First, let me say that I have NEVER been able to do pull-ups. So, imagine my surprise when over the last two weeks, I have been able to complete a set of 10 unbroken strict pull-ups, and even more utilizing the kip (bands be gone!). Further, I am able to perform 3-4 chest-to-bar pull-ups. I truly feel like I’m flying I’m so excited (sometimes it’s the small things in life that provide us with joy). And, perhaps even more exciting, is that my friends are noticing how my body is changing. I was told this past weekend that I was starting to “cut up”. Whether this is true or not (see pictures below) it is good to hear and provides motivation and proof that something visual is happening. I am happy to report that my shoulder still remains healthy. I am conscious to perform multiple shoulder opening exercises prior to and after my workouts. This still remains one of the most shocking discoveries for me in this challenge. I’m not saying it hasn’t been sore, but I’ll take muscle soreness over pain any day. Along the line of mental challenges, I am now able to ignore and overcome that little voice in my head that tells me to stay at home and not go to the box. I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t enter my head anymore, but it no longer dictates the result. I actually feel guilty if I don’t do a WOD or a run. It makes those active recovery days feel like something is missing. One final thought/discovery regarding my CrossFit training, I can see that it is never going to get easier or less challenging. If it does, I need to increase my level of intensity or up the weight I am pushing/carrying. I must keep challenging myself mentally and physically. Finally, I wanted to mention what I believe is a result of both CrossFit and Paleo. I have noticed over the last two weeks that I have become more focused on all levels of my life. I am no longer content to just come home and watch the boob tube. I have found that I am motivated to complete projects that I have procrastinated and to push forward on achieving personal short- and long-term goals. I am starting to feel a bit like an ambassador for the CrossFit/Paleo lifestyle. I find myself talking about it very enthusiastically whenever I’m asked: “How are you? What have you been up to? So, that is update #2. Below is my baseline information and updated stats: Baseline Information – April 17:

  • Begin and End Date: April 17 / End Date: July 17
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Current Weight: 172 lbs. / Goal Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Current Body Fat Percent: 14.3% / Goal Body Fat Percent: 8.0%
  • Current Body Mass Index: 22.7 / Goal Body Mass Index: 25.0

Information – May 1:

  • Current Weight: 172 lbs.
  • Current Body Fat Percent: 13.3%
  • Current Body Mass Index: 22.7

Current Information – May 15

  • Current Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Current Body Fat Percent: 14.8%
  • Current Body Mass Index: 22.4

Hmmm…not so sure what is going on. I chalk this result up to margin of error partially. Sometimes (or all the time) it is more about how you look and feel than it is about stats. I am somewhat disappointed, but I know the apparatus I am using to measure the above statistics is susceptible to such things as level of hydration. While I try to keep all components of my day as consistent as possible on the day of measuring it can be difficult. What I do know is that I look leaner and I am stronger. The picture below on the left is my “beginning” photo and the right shows my progress after 30 days. Note: I may seek out a more accurate body fat test in the form of calipers for future updates to better showcase the overall impact of the benefits of CrossFit and Paleo on my body.

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