Watch Out America, Pete's Paleo Has Gone National!

Watch Out America, Pete's Paleo Has Gone National! One year and three months ago, Pete and I cashed in our chips and started Pete's Paleo, with only one client. With the support of some pretty amazing folks, we are now shipping nationally and feeding people all across our country! Are you scratching your head and wondering how you too can enjoy this amazing food from across the country? Easy. Orders should be in by Monday at midnight in order to receive food that week. We cook all the food fresh Tuesdays and Wednesdays and ship out on Thursdays. Depending on your location, you'll receive the food by Friday or Saturday. It's that simple. Please only provide us with a home shipping address, as we cannot guarantee commercial location delivery on a Saturday. And unfortunately we can't be responsible for the food if it doesn't arrive until Monday. In order for your food to taste it's absolute best, we ship everything FRESH! Right now we are shipping in insulated boxes on dry ice. However, we are having custom reusable gel packs made for us. You'll be able to send them back to us in a prepaid envelope and get credit towards future orders! Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions and we look forward to feeding you soon!

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