Our stance on GMOs

We had an incredible time at the CrossFit SoCal Regional but I'll save that for another blog post, as I know a lot of you could careless about CrossFit. I rewatched Food Inc this past week and was shaking with anger, as always, by the end. That being said, it did make me think of where we stand on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism) and what the real issue is.Most of the evidence seems to suggest GMOs are bad. The long term effects are not known, but initially don't seem great. See here. We simply don't really know what can happen from messing with the genetic makeup of our food system. I tend to agree that they are a bad thing. But I think it misses the point, and last week's supreme court decision siding with Monsanto highlighted this.Genetically modified foods are a product. A patented product. In other words, companies like Monsanto and Cargil own these foods, their seed and the right to their production. No longer are farmers allowed to save their seeds and regrow them. They have to re-buy them every year or else. GMOs spread amongst non-GMO seeds very easily. This creates a situation where a farmer who doesn't use GMO seed can have his crop contaminated; then, when Monsanto finds out his products have their genetic signature, said farmer is sued for breaking the law.So as much as it seems a likelihood that GMOs are bad for the environment, our health and our food safety, I am 100% sure that monopolies over our food system is very fng bad! Pete's meals do not contain any GMOs and we never will. Time will tell if the initial research is right and they are just down right bad for you, but right now they're just bad business.

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