Busy and Scary - Blowing a Hole in My Corporate America Safety Blanket

Busy and Scary - Blowing a Hole in My Corporate America Safety Blanket by Sarah Servold My mother's side of the family is pretty much all entrepreneurs, from vending machine businesses to high level electronic recycling. They're hustlers. Well, I guess, WE are hustlers. As of last Wednesday, I have officially joined their ranks and quit my Corporate America career in exchange for running my family business, Pete's Paleo, full time. For the past year I had been working my corporate job full time and running Pete's Paleo and real. full time. To say the least, my body was mentally and physically suffering from stress. Not only that, but we had reached a plateau. There was only so much further I could push our company. There just wasn't enough hours in the day or coffee to brew. I got to the point that having health insurance and a cushy salary just wasn't worth dealing with my miserable boss and my own stress level anymore. It wasn't worth not taking a leap of faith to see how far we could grow our company. The thing is, I can always get another job. But knowing the difference that we intend to make in our community and country, I owed it to Pete's Paleo to give it my all. I honestly don't understand now how I did it for so long. I've been full time Pete's Paleo and real. for five days now and have been busier. than. ever. Partially it's that I have the time to reinvigorate all the projects I've laid down on the sidelines, but it's also knowing that I am in full control of how successful, or not, our family business will be. That's empowering. I'll probably need to update this blog in six months, one year, three years, etc to see if and how my perspective on this has changed, but as of now my feelings are that if you even have an incling of desire to build something of your own, I say DO IT. There will always be a plethora of excuses to pull out of your hat as to why now is not the time. But putting yourself in that slightly uncomfortable, scary position of "now what?" is what will motivate the hell out of you to be successful. And chances are, if you have an idea for something, there is a need for it. So do it now before someone else does. Or do it better than everyone else already is. But just do it. So expect big things from Pete's Paleo and real. in the coming months because, well, Servold smarts + Feibelman entrepreneurial spirit = an unstoppable combination.

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