Paleo Pet Food? Why Not!

So the farther down the rabbit hole you go with eating clean and smart, the more your eyes are opened. One thing that has come to us in the past few months is, "What should our pets be eating?" Well they should basically be eating a raw version of paleo it turns out. Or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. I'll let you fill out the horrible acronym there. Dogs in particular are omnivores with a lean towards carnivore. We have been feeding our dog raw food for a couple months and the results are astounding. Much less itchy skin, beautiful coat, healthy digestion, etc. As with everything else we have encountered so far however, the quality wasn't quite what we would hope. And since we have access to the best ingredients available, we started making our own. Our very good friends Michael and Sarah from LA gave us the idea after they started doing it for their awesome pup, Augustus Tuttle, yeah that's his name. Pretty awesome. One thing led to another in a very quick fashion and we will be making raw paleo dog food for you guys! We will be able to ship it all over the country and it will come in a variety of meats. We will start with a grass fed beef, sourced directly from Seth at Open Space Meats. We are super excited about this new venture. It is called The Omnivore's Pet. More info to come soon. Check out the website here. In the mean time, here is your people food for the week!

  • Ethiopian chicken with Suzie’s radish and summer squash
  • Lamb merguez, sautéed arugula and beets
  • Roasted chicken thighs, roasted broccoli and summer squash
  • Elk meatballs with a smoked tomato sauce, heirloom tomatoes and kale
  • Roasted duck breast with cherries, swiss chard and grilled asparagus
  • Open Spaces grass fed steak, Persian cucumber salad and acorn squash
  • Herb roasted turkey breast, squash and roasted broccoli
  • Open spaces skirt steak with sautéed braising mix and acorn squash
  • Smoked and braised pork belly, sweet potatoes, cauliflower
  • Carolina pulled pork with collards, roasted beets with vinegar and herbs
Snacks: Beef Jerky Paleo Granola Paleo Treats Sarah’s Brownies Thanks, Chef Pete
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