"Beyond Bacon" - A Review


"Beyond Bacon" - A Review This is really a well put together book. It's extremely useful and really encourages people to embrace what being paleo really means and using the whole damn animal. The recipes are all well laid out and give you a nice heads up on the difficulty level. The instruction are great, however, so don't be scared out of doing those recipes; just plan ahead well. As we say in the kitchen, "prior preparation, prevents piss poor performance." One of the things that is tough for people to wrap their heads around when they get started with paleo is that there are meats out there other than ground grass fed steak and pastured chicken. To really be paleo you need to expand your horizons on what meat and cuts of meat you are eating. This is the best way to ensure you are getting all the vitamins, fats and minerals your body needs.

"Beyond Bacon" gives you all the answers to any questions you could ever have on how to use every dang piece of the pig. Which for me is the only way to honor that animal. You'll understand how true that is once you had your first pork tongue on pg 144 or the braised neck roast on pg 130. They even cover the basics of sausage making. How cool is that? Get this book, because pig is, in my opinion, one of the most delicious animals in this beautiful place called earth. And this book teaches you how to make it ALL taste good.

Cheers, Chef Pete

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