Different Delivery Day for July 4 Festivities

For those who order Home Delivery: Due to the July 4th holiday, FedEx is unable to pick up or deliver Pete's Paleo meals. As a result, we will have to suspend all home delivery orders until the following week, July 11th. Any orders you place now through July 8th will be shipped out on July 11th. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and please enjoy the holiday.For those who pick up their orders locally: We will still be delivering on Thursday, July 4th to those locations that will be open, and on July 5th for the other locations.I'll be posting a blog tomorrow or Wednesday with paleo recipes so you can bring some friendly food with you to the parties. On that note, when following the paleo diet, lifestyle, challenge, etc., the most important thing is having a plan before you head out. If you are going to a party, or potluck, bring a dish that will serve as a meal. A hearty kale, veg and roasted chicken salad for example. This way if there's only macaroni salad and sugar laden BBQ chicken laid out you can still get fed, and fed well. It's silly to pretend like these situations are not going to happen, or to just go and get there and starve or more likely, "cheat". Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. The most important thing with eating paleo is consistency, especially if you are in the beginning of your journey. Next when going out to eat with friends, look online at the menu beforehand. We typically do this in the car on the way to the place. Pick out the menu items that look good and could be easily modified. I.e. "that short rib looks amazing, I wonder if they could sub out vegetables for the polenta cake?" The answer is almost always yes, but it's good to have a plan when you go in about what questions you want to ask so you make the whole process as smooth as possible. You have decided to eat this way because you know how important it is to fuel your body right, so take a little time to make sure you're always eating like this. And worse case scenario, stuff a few bags of Pete's Paleo in you pocket! Here is this week's menu, the brisket is amazing. Click Here to order!

  1. Herb roasted turkey, roasted beets, baby bok choy
  2. Elk burgers with sautéed heirloom peppers, and roasted yams
  3. Chipotle braised chicken thighs, apple and bacon salad, field greens
  4. Duck tenderloin stir fry, carrots, snap peas, asparagus
  5. Garlic lamb, grilled eggplant and sweet potato
  6. Open Spaces grass fed steak, eight ball zucchini and sautéed greens
  7. Korean pork ssam, suzie’s kim chi, sweet potatoes
  8. Coconut duck tender stir fry with bell peppers, shrooms and spaghetti squash
  9. Braised lamb, roasted eggplant and
  10. Vietnamese braised brisket with daikon, cucumber noodles and field greens

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