Feeding the Bottom of Maslow's Pyramid

So one of my favorite things I learned growing up was Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Yes, I'm a huge nerd. I just thought it was very interesting how all of us are intrinsically motivated towards the top of the pyramid. Psychological and spiritual satisfaction. What is really interesting however, is what short shrift we give to the bottom of the pyramid these days.How in any meaningful way can we get to the more complicated issues in life if our pyramid is built on pizza and beer? Seriously, if you don't fill your body with nutrient dense, good food, what is it using as fuel to accomplish your greater goals? You must have a solid foundation on which to build on.We are meant to thrive, not just survive. Yet when we build our life around meetings, quarterly earnings or that next promotion, all the while eating at Subway and Filiberto's because "that's all I have time for" you are really just setting yourself up for disappointment. The "high" that you get from those external accomplishments are fleeting, where as the confidence and energy that come from having a healthy body that you live life with is a persistent lasting sense of well being. Give yourself a solid foundation to accomplish your higher goals, by making your health and well being a priority. This isn't a dress rehearsal. Have a great week. Here is this week's menu, click here to order today!

  1. Pineapple and coconut milk poached pork, with lotus root, roasted broccoli and baby carrots
  2. Paprika smoked pork loin with mushrooms/eggplant and lemon grilled asparagus
  3. Roasted duck tenderloins with roast artichoke salad and kale greens
  4. Blanched baby Bok-Choy, Suzie’s zucchini, & fennel with roast chicken
  5. Roasted Elk meatloaf, eight ball zucchini and roasted peppers
  6. Open Spaces Grass Fed flat iron grilled with Chinese five spice, sautéed spinach and roast okra
  7. Smoked brisket, roasted beets and sweet potato roast
  8. Roasted chicken, with roast cauliflower and snap pea sauté
  9. Lamb shoulder, grilled patty pan squash with cabbage greens
  10. Grilled Skirt steak, cauliflower blend and acorn squash

Snacks: Paleo Granola Jerky Mustang Bars Sarah’s Brownies

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