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So this gig is really a dream come true for me as a chef. Most times, when you work in the food business there are so many outside factors that dictate what you get to cook: owners tastes, type of restaurant (Italian, Sandwich shop, etc), profit margin. But for us it's really an ideal situation.

  We focus on making a huge array of foods and flavor profiles. Thanks to your adventurous nature we are able to get a wide variety of proteins and vegetables in to every week's worth of food. This let's us have so much fun, while ensuring you are eating as true to what we believe Paleo actually is. Varied, seasonal, local.

Essentially we source the best damn ingredients that are at their peak freshness and then make the best food we know how. This week is no exception.

This Saturday at the Primal Symposium hosted by CrossFit Elysium I got to chat with my friend from Suzie's Farm, Shannon. She was telling me about the ridiculous amount of peppers coming off the farm right now. Padrons, Anaheims, Jalapeno, Sweet Fire Cherry, you get the idea. So that got me to thinking and this week we will have a few sides with their peppers featured. For example #9 the Abodabo chicken with acorn squash and braised greens. This is a classic Philipino dish that is most recently found predominantly in the Oaxacan region of Mexico. The flavors are earthy, spicy and rich. Lots of stewed dishes, requiring long cooking time. The acorn squash was very excited to hear the news that it would be getting to know the Anaheim peppers this week, as they are the perfect sweet/spicy combination that rounds out this dish. The chicken is rich with a little heat, the greens are earthy, almost meaty and the squash and pepper give the dish great flavor, depth and rounds out the flavor profile for this item.

On Sunday, I got a text from Krystina Cook of Cook Pigs Ranch in Julian. They had some fresh ground pork available so that is going on this week's menu as well. We will be smoking the meat then spicing it up with a middle eastern blend of spices, making for a loose formed smoked Persian sausage, made from pigs raised less than 50 miles away. That's local, farm to table fine dining. That's also Paleo, and then put into a bag and delivered right to your gym or door. That is pretty cool and as a chef, it makes me pretty damn proud. Have a great week, click here to get food this week! See the rest of the menu below, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Games (don't forget to order your meals that can be picked up directly at our CrossFit Games booth!!)  

  1. Roasted Chicken w/ jicama and plum salad and eight ball squash
  2. Greek braised lamb with roasted plum tomatoes and fennel with cucumbers
  3. Bison meat loaf with garlic roasted carrots and patty pan squash
  4. Clove smoked brisket with roasted acorn squash, braised leeks and greens
  5. Roasted duck tenders with garlic kale and summer squash
  6. Garlic roasted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes, and rusted brussel sprouts with pecan and red onion
  7. Open spaces grass fed flat iron steak with braised greens and ginger scented beets
  8. Smoked spiced pork with sweet potato, beets and greens
  9. Adobado chicken with spaghetti squash and braised greens
  10. Pulled pork with asparagus mélange and yam mash

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