Mayonnaise, Baconnaise, Dill Aioli - Oh Happy Days!

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Mayonnaise, Baconnaise, Dill Aioli - Oh Happy Days!

Ok so here is some basic mayonnaise recipes. Mayo is a simple emulsification of fat into the egg yolk. Each yolk can support up to 4-6 oz of fat generally. Mayo is easy to mess up the first few times you make it, but don’t be discouraged. To give you your best shot at getting it right I give the measurements in metric weight. This is how we get consistent results in the commercial kitchen. If you don’t have a scale at your house, I’m intentionally only giving you the metric units so you can google them and pick up some basic knowledge of ratios.

Recipe is with raw egg yolks so use within one week of making Basic Paleo Mayo (This makes a large batch, scale down if need be.)

80 grams egg yolk

5 grams kosher salt

16 grams cider vinegar

400 grams olive oil

Using a food processor or blender, add egg yolk and salt and blend on high for one minute. You will see a noticeable change in the color of the yolk. It will markedly lighter. Then add vinegar and mix for 10 seconds before slowly drizzling in olive oil. It will thicken up and come together and you’ve just made mayo.

No to make a bacon version of this sweetness, use equal parts olive oil and warmed bacon fat. You don’t want the bacon fat too hot, just enough for it to be liquid. Follow same procedure and add some crispy bacon bits if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing.

So let me tell you a little secret about aioli, it is just a fancy word for flavored mayo. In this instance we’re going to flavor it with dill and garlic, which makes it perfect for fish. So follow same recipe from above but add 30 grams of chopped garlic, and 30 grams of chopped dill at the very end. That’s it. That’s all.

So as you can see this one basic recipe is the foundation for approximately 1,047,745 recipes. Add ketchup and pickles, thousand island. Buttermilk and chives, ranch. Garlic, anchovies and black pepper, Caesar. Not paleo, but my point is you can play with this as much as you want, add whatever herbs and spices you’d like. My personal favorite is to add 40 grams of stone ground mustard and 15 grams of creole seasoning for an amazing Cajun dip for sweet potato fries or shrimp.


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