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Pictured above is Sarah, the better half of Pete's Paleo with Lindsey Valenzuela and Sam Briggs - The Top Two "Fittest Women in the World". What an incredible week. It all started Wednesday when we got to feed all 90 individual athletes at the first event of the 2013 CrossFit Games. It was an honor to feed the athletes, judges and staff. When you make food for a living, you're invited to the marquee table at all special events. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, popping the question, at peoples most special moment you're there with them. This is never lost on us, and cooking for these guys as they kicked off a grueling week to find the "Fittest on Earth", was a true honor to a company that prides itself on making healthy, nutrient dense meals.The weekend also provided multiple opportunities to meet some incredible companies that are also doing some great, great things. We will be announcing some new partnerships soon that will only serve to make your road to well being smoother and shorter.

I'd say the highlight of the weekend had to be Mark Sisson himself of Mark's Daily Apple see here, coming by our booth not once, not twice, but FOUR times to sample our Bacon power bars. (that's a new product we'll be launching soon FYI). In his words, they were "phenomenal". Pretty, pretty good.  That's it for now, here's this weeks menu. Click here to get food this week!

Summer Menu

  1. Braised lamb with roasted bok choy and eggplant kim chi
  2. Curry roasted chicken, braised greens and roasted acorn squash
  3. Slow cook spiced pork, sweet potatoes and grilled eggplant
  4. Sauteed duck tenders, mashed sweet potato and Suzie's squash
  5. Moroccan braised lamb, sauteed greens and spaghetti squash
  6. Grilled Open Spaces Hangar steak, roasted beets and greens
  7. Rosemary roasted turkey, roast broccoli and peppers
  8. Bison burgers, roasted mushrooms and root vegetable mix
  9. Duck tender stir fry, carrots, snap peas and asparagus
  10. Vietnamese brisket, jicama noodles, with pickled cucumber

Have a great week!

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