Pete's Paleo introduces daily servings of Pure Pharma

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So we have found in our lives, that sometimes supplements can be a good thing. They help bridge the gap with absorption rates and overall health. But source is important.  When they're not done right, you see a company making dozens of products filled with too many, unnecessary ingredients accompanied by extravagant claims of effects.

When it's done right you see companies like Pure Pharma. They make just a few products really, really well. They use very few ingredients and only from the best sources which results in one of the most potent supplements available.

Pete's Paleo will be offering 7 individually packaged daily servings of all three Pure Pharma supplements - Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Magnesium/Zinc - to supplement your Pete's Paleo meals for the entire week!

PurePharma All 3 delivers the most scientifically proven micronutrients all in one package. PurePharma All 3 is a radical reinvention of the traditional multivitamin. Addressing the most common nutritional deficiencies, PurePharma has developed the complete prescription for optimal health and well-being. All 3 provides the most essential nutrients and micro-nutrients at scientifically formulated doses not found in a regular multivitamin. PurePharma offers an essential Omega-3 source, essential minerals and the most undervalued vitamin on planet Earth, Vitamin D3. PurePharma revolutionizes the way multi-vitamins impact human health and athletic performance. PurePharma O3, M3 and D3 work in synergy to provide the naturally produced, scientifically proven results.

2.000mg Omega-3/day | 300mg Magnesium/day | 15mg Zinc/day | 2500IU D3/day

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