Inspired by Those Around Me

Inspired by Those Around Me
By Chef Pete

We have got quite a team at Pete's Paleo. They do an unbelievable job making amazing food, handling all the back end admin tasks, posting hilarious pics and informative articles.....they all just do great work.

They, of course, have pursuits outside of their work with us and it is those things that really inspire me. This weekend was pretty impressive. Jaimie, our social media maven, competed in the Left Coast Invitational. She did awesome. I was able to watch most of her first workout and a few minutes in, I realized "Holy crap she was moving a lot of weight!" She looked strong and I'm just so damned impressed.

Also, Shane is the newest addition to the team, and he decided he should follow through on his obsession with CrossFit and get his L1 certification. Not to be a coach or to start his own gym, just to make himself better, understand his movements better and help those around him.

Our sous chef, JA, spent his birthday weekend the best way he could imagine - running a half marathon and keeping a 7:55 pace! He's a bad ass. JA works harder than any other person in the kitchen. The dude never fails to impress.

You've all been privy to Curt's incredible progress; you can read about it here.

Lastly, my wife Sarah. She has pushed through injuries and set backs to become a strong ass chick. Working out together or on her own, she has gotten strong. Watching her squat today, it was incredible seeing her arms and pardon me, her awesome butt. Not only does she run the business with me she makes time to make herself better in ways that matter to her.

All of these people take the time to make themselves better when they aren't making Pete's Paleo better. I'm honored and inspired to have them all in my life.

Have a great week.

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