Bringing CrossFit and Paleo to the Fort Mojave Reservation: The Difference a Year Can Make

So about a year ago, Sarah and I were asked to go to the Fort Mojave reservation in Laughlin, NV / Needles, CA area. We went with the CrossFit Kids staff including, but not limited to: Jeff, Mikki, Connor, Camzin and friends. Timothy Williams, the chairman of the Mojave tribe, had invited us all out to see what he had started in bringing CrossFit and Paleo/Primal nutrition to his (and other) reservations.

In April, right after PaleoFX, we went with Tim and the CF Kids crew to the Seminole tribe in Miami, FL to keep spreading the good words of fitness and real food.

Fast forward to last week and I’m back in Laughlin, NV with over 120 participants from over 20 tribes competing in a Native throw down and attending seminars focusing on bringing CrossFit to their reservation and how to do it well. I got to give a talk on Paleo, cooking and that sort of thing.

It was very inspiring to be around the members of the tribes after being there a year before. Maria, my indispensable sous chef for the BBQ, talked to me about overhead squats vs snatches. She had decided she liked snatches more than overhead squats because you got to put the bar down in between reps.

You’ve really won at that point. She’s a grandmother and she’s working out three times a week and making a concerted effort to eat better. Just like being half way through a workout, it’s just a matter of doing something you’ve very recently proven to yourself is possible, over and over, until you reach your goal.

That's dedication.  

Want to see more of Pete's visit to Fort Mojave (from last year)? Check out the video below!

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