A Closer Look at Pete's Paleo...

So in looking back on 2013 it's been quite a ride.

We served a little over 85,000 meals using 85 different vegetables and over a dozen different proteins. We fed the athletes at the 2013 CrossFit Games and have almost finished our first cookbook.

I just wanted to take a second and say thanks to you guys -- our customers -- for making that happen. And you should know it's money well spent. We have multiple culinary school grads working in the kitchen now (not just me ☺).

All of our produce is organic and comes from local suppliers, our proteins are always humanely raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. In short, the food is no different in quality than when I worked at a place that charged $30-$40 per plate! And we ship fresh!

If you are one of our customers that live in Michigan or New York, you are eating something Friday afternoon, that was in San Diego soil Monday morning. We will continue to get better, but even now we are putting out high-end, farm-to-table food that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free and totally PALEO.

In other words, like our mission statement says:

We are "bringing fine dining to your cave."

Lots of huge things coming this year, and we will keep you in the loop on new products and options for our customers as we launch. ~Pete
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