What Impact Does the Pig Virus and Drought Have on Pete's Paleo? [VIDEO]

Steer Clear of CAFO Pigs!

In this short video, Pete discusses how the virus affecting the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) pigs doesn't affect the meals and bacon that we serve at Pete's Paleo.

Factory farmed pigs are really sick with an airborne virus and they're getting slaughtered to stop the spread. As a result, the price of pork is going to go up because the supply is going down.

The good news is that this virus does NOT affect our supply here at Pete's Paleo. Our pigs come from farms that are very far away from any of this mess and won't be affected by the virus. They will, however, be affected by a small increase in price due to an increasing demand for pork from pigs that aren't sick. In anticipation of everyone's concern about pork in general, we've been on this from the beginning. We've never ever served any type of pork from any of these operations where these diseases are coming from.

Our amazing pork suppliers, Cook Pigs Ranch and Salmon Creek Farms are not affected by the virus so don't worry about this from our end.

The Impact of the Drought on Grass-Fed Cattle

Pete discusses the grass-fed beef supply and the drought and what we're doing to get ahead of it.

Pete's Paleo is based in southern California and currently we're in the midst of a record long 2 year drought. As a result, our local beef suppliers are running out of crops to feed their cattle. Even if this turns around and the drought is over, it will be 3 years until the new cattle can go to slaughter.

In anticipation of that, we're still giving our local beef supplier (Open Space Meats) our business and we're actually paying more per pound than what it'd be to get grass-fed beef that's not local because we want to support those guys.

So we don't have to raise prices for our customers, you'll see some moving around on the menus. We might add one more chicken dish or one more pork dish, and one less beef dish as we get into the summer months and we'll make adjustments that way.

Anyways, we just wanted to give you a heads up on what's going on in the food supply and what we're doing about it.

We're committed to providing the highest quality paleo meals to you guys and we greatly appreciate you and your support!

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