A Peek at this Year's Paleo f(x) Event and Our Upcoming Cookbook

Sarah and I just got back from a great weekend at Paleo f(x). It's in Austin which may have one of the bigger Paleo scenes in the country.  

There is a seemingly endless supply of Paleo friendly places to eat. My favorite is that it's not necessarily labeled as "paleo" but more just whole, real, food.

I got to do an awesome food demo at the event where I made some Duck Confit Croquettes.  

The recipe is loosely based on our recipe for Lamb Quenelles from our upcoming cookbook, Paleo By Season, which we'll share with you in our upcoming blog post. Stay tuned.

During the cooking demo, I talked a lot about how once you learn the techniques and the purpose of the ingredients, you don’t have to abide by a recipe anymore.

That’s the point of Paleo by Season. Our intention with the book is to arm you with the tools you need to take a recipe or a concept and make it your own. We want to empower you, the reader, to think like a chef.

So if you were at Paleo f(x) and checked out my cooking demo, you might remember me saying that you can substitute any meat for the duck. Everything is interchangeable once you learn some key ideas.

I demonstrated a complicated recipe and the first time you try it, you might mess up...and that's totally cool. Hone your skills until you get it right. The same goes for butchering a chicken or fileting a fish. Cooking isn’t an innate talent, rather it’s a craft that you harness over time. Try and try again. Keep experimenting and you'll get better and better.

Paleo by Season is packed with easy-to-understand charts and techniques that will help you broaden your skill set, feel more confident in the kitchen, and make cooking more fun. We can't wait to share it with you! Want to be one of the first people to check out our new cookbook? Click Here to Pre-Order Your Copy!

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