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So it was about a year ago now that I got an email from Iris at Primeval Gardens asking us if we would be interested in any of her local vegetables.

I could not write back fast enough, "YES". At Pete's Paleo even as a smallish food business we run into supply issues as we adhere to strict principles. Essentially the food system has not caught up with the growing demand for whole, real food.

Enter Iris, her husband Jason and their farm. It's kind of hard to put into words just how badass these two are. Jason is an active duty SEAL,  and Iris runs the whole farm by herself when he is away on active duty. Hand picking, cutting, cleaning and delivering hundreds of pounds of beautiful vegetables the day after they were picked.

Bottom line, she picks it Monday, delivers Tuesday and you're eating it Thursday or Friday. That is farm to table.

It is with your continuous business that we are able to guarantee Iris and her family that we will buy almost any and all of the vegetables that she grows. This way she can plan for the season, plant extra beds, grow her business, increase my supply of local organic vegetables, and in turn the variety you see on the menu.

When I decided to go to culinary school and become a chef after working as a server and front of house manager, being able to cultivate relationships like this was one of the main drivers.

I remember reading "omnivore's dilemma" right before I applied to culinary school. Clearly, we had taken some wrong turns in regards to eating. But what to do about it. The day after I finished the book, I read an article in the local food publication about a chef from a place called Restaurant Eugene, who had farmers growing certain produce for him. The chef, Linton Hopkins is a big part of the growth of the farmer's markets, slow food movement and more in the South and beyond.

Since then I went to school, and then went to work for that chef. And now out here in San Diego, we are carrying on the tradition of bringing real dollars to real people, making real food.

Thanks for showing your support with your business. Have a great week!

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