Controlling The Things We Can

Today was a tough day for Sarah and I. We found out for sure that her birth will not be happening at a Birth Center but at a hospital.

The chances of avoiding things like epideralls and petocin just got a lot smaller, and our plan for Lois coming into the world just made a serious shift. Bummed for sure, but it has reinvigorated me to work on the things I can control. First and foremost, what is fueling us during our early parenthood.

We have slipped quite a bit away from perfect paleo since Sarah has been pregnant. A combination of her cravings and me using any excuse to eat ice cream has filled our house with some junk.

So in the spirit of starting with a clean slate for Lois I am cleaning out any and all non paleo stuff from the house. Times will be desperate in those first few weeks I'm told, any dairy/sugar combo will be had if its around for the taking. Of this I'm sure.

You may find yourself in a similar situation if you have never done a paleo challenge and really given up all the sugar, all the grains, all the dairy, all the food addictions. It's best to just remove it.

Next we have planted a couple small beds of some melons, herbs and cucumbers. Hoping to keep a small amount of beds and the tower garden going through the summer, keeping us stocked up on tons of fresh salad greens, herbs and other summer produce.

Will there be some slipping down the road for us? I'm sure, but it won't be for a while. For us, this paleo thing isn't just a diet. It is a way to ensure our best chance for optimal health and nutrition. We have let that take a back seat to convenience during pregnancy but it's time to bare down and make things as good as we know how.

This is as much an informational statement as it is an attempt for your help in being held accountable.

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