Lip Smackin' Ribs from The Paleo Kitchen: A Book Review by Guest Blogger Jaimie Bougie

I've personally known George from Civilized Caveman for a while now, and I'm also a big follower of Juli's from PaleOMG.  So when their big beautiful brand new cookbook fell into my lap this weekend, I was more than excited to start cooking up a storm in my kitchen.  (And that's saying a lot, because I'm really not much of a cook!)

George and Juli both have wildly successful blogs that focus on Paleo and Primal recipes for the every day 'caveman'. I believe one of the reasons why they are so beloved in our awesome paleo community is because of the personal touch they put in every one of their recipes; it's not just a recipe and it's not just food - it's a lifestyle. With every recipe, we get an insight into the trials and tribulations of their every day lives.  It makes them human and super cool.

My eyes got big with the sight of opportunity as I flipped through the beautifully crafted cookbook; what oh what was I going to make first? Or second? Or third?! But I had to pause once I got to the pork section. I am in love with pork.  Bacon, pork butt, pork chops, pork loin....all of it. It's my favorite thing to cook.  So when I saw that the recipe for "Perfect Ribs with Blueberry BBQ Sauce" was included in this book, I knew that it would be my first experiment in the kitchen.

I also like sharing the food I cooked, so this recipe was perfect for a big order. I bought a huge hunking slab of pork baby back ribs (~3.5 lbs) and chose the lazy easier way to cook them - in my slow cooker. That's one of the awesome things about this book; some of the recipes, such as the Perfect Ribs, offer you not one but three ways to cook the recipe, with detailed instruction! With the ribs, I had the option to either cooking them in a smoker, the oven, or in the slow cooker.

And I can promise you this....they did, indeed, turn out perfect. I ate my share all in one sitting!

If you want a sneak peek of the recipe, you can check it out here: Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce or you can pre-order your own copy today (release date is June 10, 2014).

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