Welcome to Our New Addition Lois Marie!

Well it happened. We are parents! On Friday the 13th (ominous beginning) around six at night little Lois Marie Servold decided to join the party.

We are very proud and excited about our new addition. I for one am very grateful to have such incredible examples of paleo parents as friends like the Mayfields, Stacy & Matt and Michelle.

Because we are going to need it. Sarah and I pledged to ourselves that as soon as Lois was born we were going to get back on track with paleo and move on from our pregnancy habits of tater tots and ice cream.

So we'll keep you posted on our progress. Thanks for reading, and Thanks for being customers. The little idea Sarah and I had almost three years ago is now building a family. Please know it wouldn't have happened without all of you.

From Sarah , Pete and Lois Marie. Thanks so much!

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