"Paleo By Season" Review: "If you're looking for cheat meals, this ain't your book" -Nik Hawks of Paleo Treats

So I have known Nik and Lee of Paleo Treats for sometime. They are just awesome folks. Easily, one of my favorite things about them is reading anything Nik writes. Thankfully, he took the time to write a review of "Paleo By Season". Have a look at what Nik thought of the book,  it's a great description, but done in the way only my buddy Nik knows how:  

"There’s nothing quite like reveling (vicariously) in the mastery of another.  Peter Servold’s book, Paleo by Season, is a great opportunity to just sit down and enjoy how well a thing can be done, in this case the making of gourmet and healthy meals." 

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