Here's a Topic: The World Cup and Our Food System, discuss amongst yourselves...

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So we are pretty obsessed with the World Cup here at Pete's Paleo. All the guys are pulling hard for Mexico, and Sarah, Lois and I are homers who believe that we will win! Oh man, that stupid last second header. Watching the replay is like watching "Titanic", maybe this time they won't hit the stupid iceberg.

It's all pretty amazing when you think about it, seven billion people on this pale blue dot and over half of them watch this thing. The Superbowl fetches just over 100 million, a mere pittance to the billions that watch "The Cup".

How cool would it be if there was a one minute ad for "Food Inc" or "Omnivore's Dilemma" at half time of the Germany/ USA game? Really get the whole world on the same page. But you know what, the world would just be confused because the rest of the world doesn't need to specify grass-feed beef, because it all is. All their eggs are pastured, and unrefrigerated. They rotate crops and subsidize things other than annuals.

Why? Because their food systems still work for them not for the corporations paying for legislators elections. I'm sorry, but it's pathetic. It is another example of all of us agreeing on how we would like things done and our elected officials collectively ignoring our concerns as they enjoy another steak dinner from Cargill.

Look into your representatives' votes on things like the farm bill. How they made no hesitation to give a trillion dollars to banks or faulty GM, but demure when it's time to up kids lunch reimbursements a measly nickel. Watch "A Place at the Table", or read a book, but it only takes a small amount of education to reach a high amount of irritation. So sorry, but not sorry.

With all that being said, make sure to find time, take a breath and yell " I believe that we will win!" come Thursday at game time.

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