Paleo = Patriotic

The most patriotic holiday is probably the most Paleo too.

If you're one of the rare birds who has actually made a lifestyle change towards eating Paleo permanently after their New Years resolutions you've noticed some things: first, damn you look good. Second, going to any holiday or get together can be really tough without proper planning.

Holiday buffets are a pretty tough place to find a paleo meal. But Fourth of July? That's nothing but grilled meat and veggies with some fruit salad. Aka Paleo heaven. It's pretty easy to eat a full plate of food at most of the festivities you'll attend this weekend. Just watch out for super sweet sauces. :)

It's also a good time to introduce paleo to your peeps. Have them over for a BBQ. Make them some delicious food. Like the beer butt chicken from #paleobyseason and don't even tell them it's Paleo. Just let them have an incredible meal that just happens to be Paleo.

Have a great Fourth, be safe, put some fire to some food.



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