"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."

This "new" study came out today on Huff Post. 

This one concludes that organic really is better for you. The last one I wrote about said the opposite. I'm glad this study confirms that it's better for you, but if you are sitting around waiting for science to confirm it, you're just stalling.

What amount of studying do you need done to know that a piece of squash or sweet potato is better for you than Cheetos when it comes to carbohydrates? Or that Chik-fil-a may not be the best source for all of your dietary protein?

It's a shame that big food has spent so much money on crap science that there is still a debate out there. So let's be glad this study says that organic produce is good for you and just never look at another damn study ever again.

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