Post (Not So Paleo) Pregnancy Update

Wow not exercising for the better part of a year sure did catch up with me! Thankfully my amazing husband is helping me get back on track by patiently giving me work outs to ease back into the swing of things.

If you recall from this previous post, I was not leading the perfect Paleo pregnancy I had originally imagined for myself. In fact things went even more awry after that post. I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing an umbilical hernia, diastasis recti and what I now know to be Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD). At the time, I just simply thought my legs were literally going to disconnect from my body at the joints. Whenever I initiated walking, turned over in bed or lifted my legs, I experienced shooting, unbearable pain in my groin area, where the legs basically connected into my hips/pelvic bone.

In a nutshell, my pelvic bone became severely unaligned, in fact one side went forward and the other went backward. The ligaments that typically keep the pelvic bone aligned became too relaxed and stretchy. Now, during pregnancy, this is supposed to happen to a certain degree to allow for the baby to come down, but the hormone (relaxin) that is responsible for this went a bit overboard in my case.

When people say that you shouldn't become too attached to your pregnancy plan, because things never go exactly as planned, well I'd tip my hat to them. The midwives at my birth center had no idea what this pain was that I was experiencing and basically bounce passed me over to the back up doctor. His solution was to just put me on bed rest. (I wish he had recommended seeing a chiropractor and/or acupuncturist).

So yada yada hospital birth yada, but now I have this wonderful, amazing, bundle of absolute joy. But I'm pretty confident her journey to us exacerbated my SPD to the point that I completely relied on Peter and both of our parents to help take care of her for the first 2 weeks of her life, I could barely get out of bed and walk around.

Life and my mobility have vastly improved now, thanks to Peter's patience, and my amazing chiropractor and acupuncturist. Almost 8 weeks after little Lois arrived, I'm finally able to take her on walks around the neighborhood and have started exercising again. I have about 15 pounds to lose and some serious ab repair, including a likely hernia surgery. But I'm looking forward to this next journey. One day at a time.

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