Leftovers For Breakfast

Generally Pete is used to cooking large batches of food, and lucky for me, he brings that habit home to our kitchen for dinner too. This way, I always have tons of leftovers in the fridge, because well, I can't really cook. But I can make a mean leftover breakfast.

This is actually from a few days ago but Lois kept me distracted from posting it!

I used the steak from this dinner and put it on top of the spicy asian slaw from our cookbook, Paleo By Season. Peter's family was in town for his birthday and his mom made the slaw for a little get together we had. So good! Spicy asian flavors - sesame oil, fish sauce, jalapeños, etc!

Then of course I just topped it off with an over easy egg and bam "leftovers for breakfast".  

We always suggest that people cook just a little extra for dinner and save it for breakfast or lunch the next day. As long as you give it a little twist or combine different leftovers together, it's super easy and not boring!

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