Paleo For Athletes

Consumption of real, whole foods, leads to a well functioning human body. It then follows for an athlete, what you eat determines the longevity of your career. In short, I wasn't surprised at all Lebron James jumped on the Paleo/Bone Broth train.

I admit to never really having an appreciation for how hard NBA players get knocked around. A couple years ago I was lucky enough to see my Boston Celtics take on the Hawks in Atlanta with some really close seats.

Holy crap those guys are huge, athletic marvels, who absolutely beat the crap out of each other. The amount of thrashing, elbow jabs, and what can only be referred to as tendon torture when battling down low, it's a wonder any of these guys last more than a couple years.

And although stars like Kobe were once famous for their affinity for McDonalds, he now eats mostly fish and vegetables, in between trips to Germany where I believe they are rebuilding him one artificial piece at a time. He's going to be the new model for BMW after the i8 is my guess. The bottom line, is these guys are all eating way better, most recently and notably Lebron.

A consistent diet of Paleo principles and bone broth leads to low inflammation, and very healthy tendons, joints and ligaments.

Josh Bridges the Navy Seal, father of two, and elite CrossFitter knows what I'm talking about. That's why we're stoked to have him as our first official Pete's Paleo athlete. Josh has been on a regimen of Pete's Paleo meals and bone broth in and around his traveling, service and competition commitments.

We're stoked to be helping another elite athlete stay their bad ass selves for as long as possible. Pssst, you're also a bad ass, with a body that needs that same TLC as Lebron and Josh. Duh.

Check out this week's menu here or buy the meals directly here.

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