No Bullpen Is Calling

There will be no call from the bullpen for you to set up the closer, there is no Rose Bowl on the horizon, there is no Olympic gold medal in your future, so what my dear friends are you saving your rotator cuff, knees and back for??

I know you need those things for your body of course.

Here is all I am saying, exercise can lead to injury. For sure. Sarah and I have both seen our setbacks due to injuries in our pursuit of fitness. But if I hear one more guy at the barber shop that needs to lose 30# saying how dangerous CrossFit is because "those swingy pull up things, you're gonna tear your rotator cuff!" I"m gonna lose it. And to those people, maybe, maybe if I exercise and don't pay attention to coaches, or my body, I could get hurt. Maybe.

But you know what's certain? It is certain that if you don't exercise because you're afraid of injuring some body part you're not really using anyway, you will not be healthy. Not pushing just CrossFit, but any exercise. And the same is true for injuries in tennis, running, football, gymnastics, hiking, MovNat, soccer, even golf.

Without getting out there and moving, you will not get the most out of your body and what it can do. You will never know how much farther you were capable of going than what you could have imagined when you started. All these things are certain, because maybe you would have gotten hurt.

Similarly, there is no call coming from the bull pen, so just be smart about how you move your body. No need to go overboard. This is all meant to be sustainable. It's meant to ensure our body lasts as long as our mind and so that we don't find ourselves one day unable to get our ass off the toilet and moved into an old folks home.

Bottom line, stop saving your body for some imaginary hero moment and get to work. And if you don't want to exercise because it's time consuming, not a priority, etc, that's cool. But don't give people who are making the choice to put in the work your BS fears about injury. Just skip the chance to be negative.

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