Recipes Should Have an Rx Tag Next To It

Let me explain. Since putting out the book, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks can get discouraged when the recipe doesn’t come out perfect the first time. Or comment that our recipes are only for experienced cooks or chefs. This is why the recipe should have an Rx (meaning exactly as prescribed)  next to it, like in CrossFit for their Workout Of the Day (WOD).

Why? Well, when you start CrossFit, it’s extremely clear from the beginning that you are starting down a journey that’s got a long path. I’ll use the classic workout “Fran” to illustrate. It consists of 95# thrusters for men (65# for women) and pull ups in the rep scheme of 21 thrusters, 21 pull ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull ups, 9 thrusters, 9 pull ups, as fast as your caboose can move through it. That is Rx. Elite athletes can do it as prescribed in two to three minutes. Three years ago when I started CrossFitting as an out of shape, alcoholic, overweight person who hadn’t worked out in two years, 10 minutes, with a 75# bar and a green band(heavily assisted) for the pull ups was my "scaled" version of the WOD.

Three years later, I can do it Rx in under five minutes. Nothing elite, but I’m damn proud of that time. It is a significant marker of my progress. Good thing I didn’t quit the first time I made an attempt eh? The same can be said of the first meals I made back in culinary school. Steak Diane with roasted red pepper, goat cheese polenta, and creamed spinach. I put all those things on a plate at the same time. On purpose.

It makes me uncomfortable to type it, let alone relive the look on my chefs face. Again, thank goodness I didn’t quit then. If you are learning how to cook for yourself, family or friends you have started a journey. Much like the one I started when I walked through those gym doors and Le Cordon Bleu’s doors years ago.

There will be some bumps and not every recipe is going to get knocked out of the park right away. Let those mishaps fortify your intention, as opposed to deterring it.

Real change in your life, your health, our food system and the world around you come with that choice. I’m serious, people learning to cook for themselves would help so many more things, so much faster than we can imagine.

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