Operation Infiltrate Turkey Day and Enduring Holidays 2014

You have seen the benefits of Paleo, you fought it at first, letting go of all those things you craved. But in time it’s clear this is how you should be eating most of if not all of the time. Everyone else in your family though? Especially the ones that really need it?Stonewalls right, so frustrating. But the good news is that Thanksgiving and ensuing holiday gatherings are the perfect time to serve some delicious paleo grub without making a big fuss about it.

All those side dishes you have to bring, even if you’re thinking of hosting Turkey day or another holiday gathering, you can do the whole thing paleo without anyone even knowing. You’ll just blow their socks off with the food, and afterwards when they’re saying things like “it was so great but I don’t feel all heavy like normal.”…there it is, the goose has laid the golden egg of opportunity at your feet to let that stubborn relative know that it was an all paleo feast. “So suck on that” you can say to yourself. I do. Because really, we only want our friends and relatives to be healthy, to feel better,  and to be at as many of these celebrations as possible. That last part made it heavy, sorry, but I want to acknowledge that for a lot of us we have relatives literally dying that still won’t heed our words, or at least try, really try. Not, “ I tried kale, it’s gross, I’m not doing this.”

So that’s our situation, but here is our opportunity. Over the next two weeks, we will be giving you guys a collection of side and main dishes, perfect to bring along to any holiday gathering, be the clear flavor victor, and spread the good word with good tastes. First post will be sent out Monday. Have a great weekend!

Some of the dishes to include:

-paleo stuffing (it really tastes and looks like stuffing)

-brussels sprouts, bacon and pecans

-brined, slow roasted, pulled turkey

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