Some New Street Cred

We’re adding some logos to the website and they actually mean a whole lot, especially here locally in Southern California. Recently Pete’s Paleo has been San Diego Grown 365 Approved! What the heck does that mean? Basically part, if not all, of every single meal we make is sourced from San Diego County. Be it Suzie’s Farm or Cook Pigs Ranch. If we can source locally, and they do it right, we do.

This stamp is your way of knowing that and frankly, earning that internal pat on the back for making the right decision for your health and our community. On top of that Primeval Gardens one of our main suppliers of vegetables, has been officially listed as a Homegrown By Heroes Farm. I think you can guest the gist of this certification as well, Iris and her husband earn it. You can check out more here at Iris’s sunchokes are simply the best I've ever found, we get our vegetables through them because they’re the best, this is just one more good reason. She’s also Certified Naturally Grown ( for good measure.


 It’s with your support we have earned these small but important delegations. Keep spreading the good word about Paleo and what we do here at Pete’s Paleo as this new year unfolds. It does pretty awesome stuff in innumerable ways. Hope everyone has a great week.

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