Our Bags Are Under Inflated?

It’s just not the case. Recently there have been allegations that our bags have been under inflated. Frankly, I was flabbergasted by the news. Despite the fact that we rigorously test our machines to offer farm to table Paleo meals, delivered fresh to your door, and it would still be even if it came in those brown sandwich bags we used to use, no, our bags are not under inflated.

When a company, or a sports team, for instance, wants to be the best, it’s obvious. They’re a bit obsessive, everything has to be the best, the staff, equipment,  preparation before execution, all painstakingly looked after. Whether it be the customer or fan in mind, we want to be number one for you guys.

And I just think, it would be so silly to over look all that incredibly hard work, and a clear superiority in the market because of some mildly under inflated bags. Ok so, I’m told some bags were mildly deflated. Listen this doesn’t change what I said and my sous chef JA sets the machine. It’s really his thing, he can answer those questions better.

All right, with that said, we’re on to order day today! Get your orders in here.

Have a great week and enjoy the super bowl. Go Pats!

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