Getting Certified And Giving Back

For those of you who have been around with us from the beginning, you know that we have always held the quality of our ingredients to the highest standards in terms of local, sustainable, seasonal and when appropriate, organic, pastured and grass-fed. For those who are new to us, you can rest assured that our values and standards in the kitchen translate into not only delicious and healthy meals for you, but also support for our local community, the environment and the principles of the Paleo and Real Food community at large. We are currently certified by:


But probably one of the most rewarding programs that we have become involved with is Chefs To End Hunger. Their mission is to provide meals to the hungry by redistributing the excess prepared food that would normally go to waste in hotels, restaurants, and other food service operations to local food agencies to serve the meals. While the model that we have set up at Pete’s Paleo is very dialed in when it comes to waste, we still do have some, and it’s beyond rewarding to be able to officially donate that food to those in need.  

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