BTW Cholesterol NBD Says FDA?

Yeah, basically. After screaming down our throats for 50 years about the horrible dangers of cholesterol and gasp, eggs, the FDA has released a report quietly stating dietary cholesterol is “not considered a nutrient of concern for over consumption.” While there are still many "findings" that we don't necessarily agree with, at least the AP article also shares that the committee has acknowledged there is “no appreciable relationship” between the cholesterol you consume and the cholesterol in your blood. One small step by the FDA can be a huge step for the real food movement. The organs and marrow and broth that we had always consumed until recently was in large part how we became so smart. I think so anyways, and so does this guy. Our brains, and every part of our insides, are made up of what we get when we consume animal products that contain cholesterol yes, but also fat soluble vitamins, micro nutrients, etc, not found anywhere else in our diet. Bottom line: it is quite essential to what sets us apart as a species.

And we have run away from it like an eight year old boy from a bath at the end of a summer day for over five decades. Maybe we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just up the cholesterol intake. I’m sure we’ll all be a lot more reasonable when as a society we embrace eggs and bone marrow again and drop the rice cakes and fat free sugar laden vinaigrettes.

We are meant to thrive on a paleo diet, not survive on the modern diet.

It’s nice to see the FDA take a small but important step towards letting folks know that.

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