We are excited to announce our partnership with an outstanding, FREE health education event running the entire month of February, called Primal90. The creators of Primal90 have brought together 30+ difference-makers from the Functional Medicine, natural health, sustainable farming, and healthy cooking worlds - to share their knowledge with the world! Speakers include everyone from Dr. Terry Wahls on reversing auto immune disorders to Chad & Brenda Walding discussing how sitting too much is making us sick! Topics covered will include:

  • Eating real food and ditching the industrial food system for good
  • Breaking down the reasons why our health is falling apart and how to stop it
  • Practical tips and suggestions to implement what you're learning
  • Finding weight loss through building health and optimizing one's mindset for success
  • How our subconscious beliefs can limit our success in building health - and what to do about it
  • Truth about the microbiome, and how our gut plays a role in all aspects of health
  • Environmental toxicity, EMF's, and how to live a cleaner, healthier life in today's toxic environment
  • Where hormones and neurotransmitters come into play - and how to balance them
  • Optimizing sleep and circadian rhythms
  • The growing epidemic of autoimmune diseases – how, why, and what to do about it!

A new video will be posted every day, for the entire month – and remain available to watch, for FREE, for 72 hours! They will be re-airing all videos, in their entirety, during an encore week at the end! When you register HERE​​, you will receive:

  • Access to 30+ video interviews/segments with industry-leading Functional Medicine Doctors, practitioners, authors, experts, chef, and farmers throughout the month of February
  • Three bonus videos that you will receive right away!
  • Sample 21-day meal plan (Primal/"Real Food")
  • Professional Self-Assessment to determine the overall stress load on your body
  • Top 5 Roadblocks to permanent weight loss

All of this, for free, going on right now! This is just the free launch event for a fully comprehensive online-based health & wellness program that will be rolling out in mid-March. The complete program will include the videos being shared during the free launch event, 20+ more educational/instructional videos, all the tools you need to be successful, meal plans, and a Buyer's Club. Those who enroll in the complete program will be receiving a discount on our Pete's Paleo meals as part of the Primal90 Buyer's Club!

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Tina, it was actually 2015. But I’m sure most of their links and videos are still active for purchase post event!


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